History is proximity because it explains the past; It is experience and shows mistakes and successes; It is present time because we live puffed to the shoulders of our ancestors. We are and do History. ISTORIKOS Works its heritage for its present and future benefit. We preserve the heritage to establish deep bonds and engage internal and external customers.


Through the asset management, ISTORIKOS creates added value and powerful tools for your company. Success entities share our vision of the value of the past and how this intangible can promote results. History helps to build strong brands and can become a central axis of the strategies for communication, marketing and sales.


We firmly believe in the power of history and energetically we share our passion for it. History has enormous power of persuasion but also gives prestige to products and companies; it is synonymous with assurance and confidence to the market and prints quality over competitors.


Our customers say

  • “Working with Istorikos has been easy and very useful for both our internal and external clients. Organizing an act of celebration when we turned 50 years of existence was useful to reinforce the relationship with our workers, clients and suppliers. It was a special moment to see our staff enjoying the organized acts for the anniversary. Outsourcing to specialists projects that enhance the image of our Company gives us flexibility and efficiency in tasks that, by the internal needs, we don’t need to cover with our own staff. By being professionals of History are much more innovative tan what we could have been. One of the aspects that we liked more about ISTORIKOS was their passion for our project”.

    CEO, Leading Company in the citrus industry (Valencia)
  • “The Work that ISTORIKOS did help us change the corporate image of the Company, from an impersonal image to an image that actually tells the story that’s behind our Brand. ISTORIKOS has an amazing team of professionals in the different areas that they cover, with a lot of qualities that make you feel part of their big family from the beginning. They have always responded efficiently to our needs, providing unique and innovative solutions, always keeping in mind our history. We’ve learned much about our company, our values and our corporate culture”.

    Marketing Manager, Leading Company in the wine industry (La Rioja)
  • “Having the services of ISTORIKOS to rejuvenate our Brand and make it more approachable has allowed us to focus on our main business. Professionalism and paying attention to details have been fans since the beginning. Due to the projects carried out by ISTORIKOS we’ve gained more visibility in social media which allowed us to have feedback in real time firsthand from our customers. ISTORIKOS offers original products and a new way of reading our Story, connecting in a distinctive way past and present with new technologies”.

    Responsible of communication, Leading Company in the canning industry (Navarra)
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