Marian Jiménez-Riesco

CEO and founder

Doctor in History, she has a broad research experience both, in academia and business. Cultural and historical projects manager.

Juan Rived

Realization and Audiovisual Production

Multimedia designer and creator of dynamic presentations. Historian and multimedia formatter.

Roberto Ciganda

File Management and Research

Degree in History, has a long and solid experience both in academic research and in cultural projects.

Sergio Abadías

Graphic and Multimedia Designer

Multitasking creative (on and offline). Graphic design expert, multimedia and corporate communication.


The purpose of ISTORIKOS is to preserve the tangible and intangible heritage of companies and institutions


In ISTORIKOS we have as a mission to make projects that add value to the cultural and historical heritage by transforming them into an asset.


To accomplish our vision and mission, we rely on the following strategic pillars:

• Research
• Developing new products
• Customer Service
• Management security and managing information
• New technologies that allow us to develop new solutions adapted to the needs of our customers



We demand the highest standards of personal and corporate integrity. We safeguard the assets of the company. We comply with all laws and policies of the company.


In ISTORIKOS we are aware of the delicate nature of the information that the companies allow us to handle to be able to develop our work successfully. That is why, our services are based in the trust and confidence that the customer gives to ISTORIKOS and to the one we respond with an strict ethical code related to the management of the information.


For history, knowledge, personal and social advances, to leave a great legacy to future generations, for cultural and historical inheritance from our ancestors!


Not only between staff and various departments of ISTORIKOS but also between ISTORIKOS and the companies and institutions we work for.


We fulfill our commitments and take responsibility for all actions and results. We create an operating discipline of continuous improvement that is part of our culture. Our goal is to work with and for our customers to be satisfied with the outcome of our work.


At all times we consider mutual challenges to improve our products and our processes and this way improve ourselves. We always strive to understand our clients' business and help them achieve their goals. We promote diversity, fair treatment, mutual respect and trust.


To be competitive, we embrace and cultivate the richness that diversity brings to our organization. We are committed to promoting a diverse workforce and provide opportunities. The aim is that every member of our team contributes to their full potential. Therefore we maintain a work environment free of discrimination, harassment or personal behavior that does not conduct to a productive work climate.

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