We have never done anything like that, where should we start?

Most companies that contact us don't know either. And that's why we exist. You can fill in the questionnaire of our website, send an email, make a phone call at +44 (0) 20 3286 7886 or mail us to our contact address. Ask how we can help you and we will make sure that you get a satisfactory answer.

Is it common for companies to invest in their heritage?

Well, we are a pioneer company in Europe and companies are increasingly investing in working with their heritage. The reassessment of the artisan work, the vintage work, the Slow Movement with its assessment of the traditional support more and more the heritage restoration. In addition to that, companies see their heritage as a unique added value through which they can set a difference to the rest of the companies.

Can you send me examples (books, case studies, etc.)?

Istorikos do not send or show any material before knowing their clients. The respect for the privacy of our clients, the intellectual property, the limitation regarding availability and the significant costs caused by sending books, also our interests in understanding the needs and interests of our clients first are the reasons why we prefer to have a meeting first. After this meeting, we will be delighted to show you the material so you can see the quality of our work.

Can I get a proposal or a budget for..?

Yeah, after the first meeting in which your needs will be identified and what the best way for us to help you is. Being a company focused on developing an excellent relationship with our clients, we don't send proposals if we don't have a previous agreement.

Even though we have a records management system, do we need Istorikos services?

Yes, you do. Istorikos will run an analysis of your programs concerning your records (historical and/or administrative records) and will offer solutions. Your employees lose an average of 10% of productive work tracing records. If it is your company's case, Istorikos can help you save some money by giving a solution to this problem.

We have worked with Istorikos in different projects, now what?

Once all the projects are finished, Istorikos will offer the possibility of hiring the integral management service. You will get different services such as teaching someone in the company to manage and update the record once it has been set to work.

What kind of people work with Istorikos?

We are looking for brilliant and committed people that share our passion over history and business. Being ethically responsible with help you work well with the staff of our company, in an environment focused on the client. For some positions, having some experience and specific abilities is required, such as the ones described in 'Work with Us'.

Do you work with freelancers?

Yes. Istorikos works with a full time staff and with freelancers. Contact us ( to know your opportunities.

Does Istorikos offer professional paid or unpaid practices?

Even though there isn't a developed practice program, sometimes we offer specific practices for the perfect candidate. Contact us at to know your opportunities.

How much is it?

Istorikos cannot offer a budget without knowing your needs nor the conditions or extension of your heritage. That's why, after an assessment visit, you will be able to know exactly the price of our solutions.

How much time will every project take?

Companies are not the same, and their needs are also different. That's why the necessary time will depend on the agreed solutions.

I don't have assets but I am interested in doing something, can I work with Istorikos?

Yes. Istorikos will help you and guide you in the best way to record your company's activity. This service will help you start from the very beginning with ready and organized material to be used by different departments. It will categorize and arrange in an approachable way the elements that define your corporate culture.

Is location important?

No. Istorikos works globally so it can go to wherever your facilities are.

Privacy Policies

Istorikos keep a very strict privacy policy. Under no circumstances is our clients' information provided or case studies spread; only in those with prior consent from our clients.

I have a company with a lot of history and I have a lot of material distributed in different places, can Istorikos do something about it?

Yes. Other than fragmentation, you probably face other problems such as lack of inventory, lack of knowledge of the exact materials you have, unprofitable conservation, lack of precautionary measures of conservation, etc. Istorikos will show you how to solve these problems in order to work with your cultural heritage.

Which are the payment methods?

Our passion for history is what guides us. That's why Istorikos is very flexible when it comes to payment methods in order to guarantee that we adapt to your needs.

Does Istorikos offer help in historical research for free?

We get many requests of historical research from companies. Istorikos does not provide services for non-clients.

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